Practice Areas

Delta Recruitment provides a variety of specialists, catering to a wide range of industries.
We believe in the power of manpower and the good that it can bring to maximizing your organization's productivity.
See if we can provide you with the right talent:


Our best received services lie in the banking sector, having provided valuable labor to the likes of Citibank, our long-standing partners, and Dubai Commercial Bank.

We provid specialized labor for all kinds of tasks that are valued by your bank and its customers, whether they were looking for auto loans, personal loans, a friendly teller, a beaming customer service representative, or a confident and well-knowledged manager. Delta's banking specialists will help your bank grow.





Being the host of a breathtaking skyline, Dubai and its real estate business represent the United Arab Emirate's rapid growth into a beacon of hope for the Arab world.


At Delta, we understand the need for skilled construction labor to contribute to the real estate sector and we are ready to provide the best for your next project, be it a skyscraper or a compound of villas.




Engineers are the back bone of bringing complex systems, scienific principles, design, and ease-of-use together into a single package that is valued by customers around the world.

Delta is a great place to start in finding top engineering talent, be it in the civil, architectural, or electrical fields. Our engineering specialists under your company can create value in your product that shines through to your customers' eyes.



An organization can provide better and more effective products and services using better and state-of-the-art technologies.


We can support your business with logistical supplies in the form of equipment and/or services paving the way to your growth. 

And more...

It doesn't stop there with delta. Our expertise in our established industries doesn't mean we're afraid to try new things.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you think we can be the right partner in your industry. We are always looking for ways to help others grow, as it helps us grow as well!



Medical professionals who can assist your doctors and specialists are integral to the efficient running of a hospital, polyclinic, or clinic. We understand the need for well-trained medical staff when it comes to upkeep of facilities and appropriate care for your patients.


The United Arab Emirates is home to prestigious medical organizations with world-class services and Delta is here to meet and exceed the status quo. We believe we are the right partners in ensuring a great recovery experience for every patient.