Key People

Abdulrahman Alshaer
Abdulrahman built his name as an entrepreneur with Tremix, a readymix concrete company, as well as other notable business ventures, with his experience bringing him to where he stands today with Delta.
The new Delta Recruitment is the culmination of years of work started in 2003. Having started the company as a labor supplier to Citi Bank, Abdulrahman now pushes for the company to broaden its horizons under a new leadership and an overall restructuring of the company.
Mahmoud Hadi
After attaining a business degree from Lausanne, Switzerland, Mahmoud rose through the ranks at the Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) as Administration Clerk, Credit Clerk, Jumeira Branch Manager, Dubai Branch Manager, Assistant General Manager, and finally, General Manager before becoming the Chief Operating Officer as of 2013.
As the Chief Operating Officer at CBD as well as a Board Member at Arabian Scandinavian Insurance Company, Mahmoud brings years of expertise and a wealth of experience to give Delta the solid foundation it needs. Alongside Abdulrahman, he hopes to push Delta forward and create a synergy between Delta's clients, their workers, and our own company staff.