About Us

Since 2003, Delta has established itself as a key player in the recruitment field and we continue to expand with the final aim of being the best at what we do.

Delta Recruitment (LLC), formerly Delta On Demand Labors Supply (LLC), was formerly operating under the name of Delta Commercial Brokers (LLC) when it was created in 2003 by Abdulrahman Alshaer, an Emirati entrepreneur who has made a name for himself through Tremix, one of the leading concrete mixing companies in the United Arab Emirates. Delta was founded from small beginnings, providing skilled employees for Citibank who could perform a variety of services like provision of auto and personal loans. Delta now provides skilled employment management solutions to the Commercial Bank of Dubai, and we continue to add more prestigious companies to our portfolio.

After years of dedication, Delta is estabishing itself as a bigger name with a new face, expanded set of services, and a broader umbrella of industries we can commit to. Headed now by Mahmoud Mohammed Hadi, Chief Operating Officer at the Commercial Bank of Dubai as well as a Board Member at Takaful for insurance, we are proud to have made it this far in our journey and we look forward to continuing that journey with our expanded list of partners and satisfied clients.

When dealing with employees, it is very important for us to ensure their satisfaction as well as the satisfaction of our clients who receive them. Ensuring that the workers are properly integrated and trained, feeling comfortable in their workplace, and working towards growing in their career is of importance to us as well and we welcome anyone who is seeking a specialty job in the United Arab Emirates with open arms.